Tool Control Shadow Foam & Boards.

Tool control foam inserts, drawer liners & shadow boards allow for immediate visual tool control by providing at-a-glance inventory checking to in house & field engineers during manufacturing, assembly, repair & maintenance tasks.


Custom Foam Inserts
- bespoke foam inserts/pads are tailor made so each tool or piece of equipment has a dedicated recess or cut-out.  These are bespoke  items which are manufactured by either press cutting with a die cutting tool, CNC routing or water jet cutting dependant upon the specicifation of the foam insert (we will advise on which is the most suitable method of manufacturing for your requirement).

Shadow Foam
-Most commonly used foam used for foam tool control trays/drawer liners.  Contrasting coloured foams are tailor made with dedicated recesses or cut-outs, these two colour, tool control foams can also be branded & colour linked to further promote your corporate colours & company name/logo.  Again these are manufactured by either press cutting with a die cutting tool, CNC routing or water jet cutting.  Tool control foam trays/drawerliners are also offered with the option of  having identifcation labels applied to ensure tools are correctly located & provider the user with quick & easy tooling or equipment identifcation.

Shadow Boards - wall mountable boards printed and supplied with fixings and/or custom cut foam for complete tool management.  These two can be branded with your logo & colour linked to promote your corporate colours

The importance / benefits of a bespoke tool control & management system :

- efficient, higher productivity                    
- prompt identification if a product is missing
- accountability for tool or equipment
- elimination or (FOD) foreign object debris

We are highly experienced in the designing & manufacturing custom tool control solutions to eliminate damage, organise, protect & store our client's tools or equipment.    With a bespoke tool control solution you will not only be preventing of the loss of tools which can be expensive but also vastly reducing the possability of being exposed to economic & safety risk factors which can transpire from foreign object debris (FOD).

For more information on our tool control systems whether it be tool tray foams/drawer liners, shadow foam or boards, please email or call us on 0116 2767562.