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Bespoke Semi Rigid Shell-Case

The Shell-Case range is a new addition to PottertonPacs broad range of standard cases.  Constructed using laminated thermoformed shells, with a zippered closure, Shell-Case provide a stylish carrying solution which is both protective and modular. 

Shell-Case advanced design and quality workmanship are brought together to create a flexible, customisable carrying solution ideal for many professional uses.  This semi-rigid solution combines high-level protection together with lightweight and convenient carrying,  with straightforward user-changeable branding elements  to provide the option to easily add a custom corporate identity.

Suitable for professionals from various fields who carry their equipment as part of their jobs, and for companies requiring off-the-shelf cases to  protect their products when being transported for product demonstrations and as product packaging.


  •  professional & presentable look & feel
  • modular internal pouch system
  • internal modular dividers to organise, protect & present your equipment
  • standard profile/pick & pluck, cubed foam inserts
  • fully customised internals including bespoke cut foam  also available
  • standard customising elements allow logos & name tags to be branded
  • freedom to easily alter internal accessory arrangement
  • modular dividers to organise, protect & present your equipment
  • thermo formed trays & mesh pocket are also possible for custom projects
  • suitable to intergrate equipment/device with carry/organistion solution
  • special sizes, colours & designs also available subject minimum order POA

Previous special projects for Shell-Case have proved the cases highly suitable to be used in many industries and in particular they have been very well received within Medical & Pharmacuetical,  Emergency Response & Rescue, Electronics & Optical industries.


Have you got a custom requirement that you think the Shell-Case could offer a solution for and are wondering how the whole process works on a custom project?
A great idea or concept remains just that if you don’t have a well-defined and structured development and manufacturing process to make it happen. Shell-Case places equal focus on each stage of the process and uses advanced design and development tools to ensure that the customer and the product are a perfect fit.
Research: The placement of customers needs are at the center of the development process, time is taken to research the customer’s application, industry, environment, and the cases use.
Analysis: With a combination of in-depth knowledge and an understanding of design ergonomics and usability, the customer’s requirements  are analyzes and assessed .
Concept: After the customer requirements have been fully analyzed, and a full understanding exactly what the customer’s needs are, the concept stage begins. During this stage the form is shaped, features and materials of the custom carrying solution are finalised.
Design: During the design stage of the development process a prototype according to the concept would be sent to the customer for approval.
Pre-Production: Once prototype is approved, the pre-production stage begins. All production-related documents are prepared and issued, the prototype is transformed into a mass-produced product, the tooling is prepared for production, and the product testing methodology is defined.
Production: Once the pre-production stage is completed, the rough materials required for production are ordered and inspected, the product assembly line is prepared, and the final product is packaged. The production process is monitored from start to finish, ensuring that it complies with the highest of standards.

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