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Polystyrene Packaging Solutions

Space filling polystyrene packaging, pads, sheets, moulds, beads, end caps, protective corners and POS (point of sale) display solutions, lettering & logos are just some of the polystyrene packaging and display products we are able to manufacture and supply.

Our polystyrene parts are fabricated by die cutting or water jet cutting rather than injection moulding then welding/gluing the fabricated parts together where necessary.  This approach to manufacturing means we are able to produce final products without the need for expensive tooling.  By avoiding these usually large set up charges we are able to produce smaller quantity product runs more economically yet still remain capable of producing high volumes when required.                

Polystyrene Moulds 
Moulds are complex 3D shapes which are created from pre-cut and machined materials then fabricated into the final product.

Polystyrene Protective Packaging
End caps, corner protection and box liners provide high transport durability, manufactured to any shape and size to provide the highest quality of protection.

Polystyrene Beads
We stock fire retardant polystyrene beads used for filling bean bags, packaging and insulation.

Polystyrene Bottle & Mug Packs
We produce standard mug and bottle packs as stock items but are also able to produce custom packs to individual customer requirements.

Polystyrene is expanded into a number of densities and forms for different uses:

• Low density light general packaging where void filling is more important than durability and finished quality.

• Standard density the most commonly used grade for most general applications such as packaging, insulation and display solutions. It presents a reasonably durable product with an acceptable finish.

• Medium density used when the standard grade may not offer enough strength in the material to withstand the weight of the object to be protected or any impact damage it might suffer.

• Higher densities are used for delicate items or where the weight of the object requires a more robust material.

• Bead  polystyrene bead is free expanded and achieves a diameter of approximately 6mm 

• Styrofoam  this is a variation of polystyrene but with differing properties, used mainly for insulation and model making. It can be profiled as polystyrene can be, but via different methods, to create more complex and detailed items.

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