Guardian Protective Transit Cases

Manufactured from high-impact HDPE plastic, the new Guardian provides optimum protection when used in tough conditions. The Guardian Case is naturally dust and splash-proof (IP54), it can also be manufactured to a splash-proof finish according to IP67, if desired.  Guardian protective transit case,  can be foam lined or foam filled or fitted with foam or routed inserts with custom cut outs.

Special size projects are possible with the Guardian Case subject to an annual purchase quantity of 200 items and a minimum order quantity of 100 units. It is also possible to produce the Guardian Case in your company colour and to add your company name or logo on the lid or base. Custom interiors or foam inserts with CNC routed, waterjet or die cut recesses to suit to your equipment or products can also be supplied and have no minimum order qty.

Do you have a more specific requirement? Contact us with your requirement and we will happy to provide a quotation for your project.


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